Underwear Mannequin Display Skills Analysis

Speaking of lingerie shop underwear Mannequin display skills, first of all, businesses need to locate their underwear shop, according to different product styles and store specifications for targeted display.

The following is a brief introduction of several display techniques for your reference, I hope for everyone to help.

1, the use of product complementarities diversified display

Underwear store products generally have a lot of different kinds, when the display, you can show different types of products can complement each other. For example, bras and pajamas can be displayed with bras and panties with the display. This complementarity can not only diversify the product, but also increase the probability of consumers buying goods, play a joint consumer effect.

2, the overall display through the model

Underwear Mannequin for the underwear shop is essential, because it does not like the women’s clothing store that product can be worn in the shopping guide as a model for sale. Through the mannequins, businesses can show the complete set of underwear to consumers. This will not only be able to show the three-dimensional products to consumers, but also conducive to the sale of different types of underwear.

3, neatly displayed and random display

Neatly display the need to use the shelves as a support, the product neatly display, while highlighting the product volume flu, but also conducive to attract large purchases, high purchase rate of customers; random display is a psychological tactics, and more for special products Display, to consumers a kind of “sale” feeling, need to use props and more for the round net box and special card.

4, diversified theme display

Underwear shop relative to the women’s clothing store, the display of the product may be too monotonous. At this time, to underwear Mannequin set a theme, immediately able to make the product live up. In determining the theme, you can combine the stress of today’s urban life, body sculpting, etc. to attract consumers’ words. And the theme is best to change according to the different seasons, which not only to attract the attention of consumers, but also for the underwear shop to create a unique shopping environment, so as to achieve the purpose of product promotion.

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