The Fitting Revolution In Seconds For The Human Body 3 D Modeling

In the face of a white “fitting room” stretch your arms, 3-5 seconds later, dozens of body data are input and construct a 3 d model, click on the screen can realize the fitting clothes. Of double a week in the “black” of science and technology on the inventory report, from shenzhen cloud dream technology co., LTD. “cloud modeling 3 d human body measurement system” and “cloud” 3 d garment customization system several degrees are mentioned in the press.


Cloud technology CEO Dong Bo tells a reporter, the dream of the “fitting room” will appear in the clothing stores in some cities such as shenzhen, wuhan, then the user will be able to fit the nearly 20 sets of clothes in a minute. Dong Bo said, because the 3 d model is the reduction of the human body, to the user can see clothes and 360 ° user’s matching, the effect of cracked virtual users when the fitting size different problems, and can promote clothing sales by improving the efficiency of the fitting.


The body scan to a human hair


In the past two years, a lot of electric business platform in promoting “virtual fitting” services. Reporters found that experience in taobao uniqlo flagship store in the “virtual fitting room”, and their relevant model, user can select “change into” different style of clothes. Users can take photographs, adjust the indices such as height, weight, shoulder width, forming a virtual online “yourself”, but this function is not completely copy the user’s body, and can only be positive.


According to Dong Bo, these “virtual fitting room” is through the form of two-dimensional image overlay appears, pictures with real matching degree is lower, the consumer experience is not very good. “Cloud dream products can really put the clothes to the people, and to break the technical barriers to the black scan, which can realize full color is accurate to the human hair high-precision scanning.”


Graduated from Shanghai jiaotong university financial professional Dong Bo, worked in the banking system has a special treatment of the work. Like cui jian, but this name WeChat after 70, called the “false monk”, apparently wasn’t content to stay within the system for a lifetime. In 2000, he chose to entrepreneurship in garment accessories and match industry more than a decade of struggle.


Dong Bo know inventory in traditional costume industry, such as store rent, cost of production line pain points. “Clothing appears to be low threshold of the industry, in fact, really open shop, whether online or offline shops, a lot of money to pressure on the stock.”


In July 2014 and technology partners to identify good direction, Dong Bo founded cloud dream of science and technology. According to introducing, at present the company already has a by a number of top experts and r&d team composed of dozens of doctor, master, this is also to a breakthrough in the field of 3 d human body modeling and measurement of the foundation.


In the cloud dream technology sales director cao, many clothing enterprises to buy their products because of high efficiency use of store space, and online stock circulation, reduce operating costs, it also can be stored analysis the collected data of consumers, to provide accurate marketing support.

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