See How The Mannequin Is Turned

One of the plastic Mannequin coat, “wear” with a cheongsam, hairy, or enchanting or elegant … … Today, such a creative lamp holder selling Europe and the United States, and research and development it is my county “Heiner” general manager Mei Bin The

December 29 evening, the reporter came to the pavilion next to the industrial park in the three Heiner Crafts Co., Ltd., found in an area of 5,000 square meters of new plant, many workers are busy packing, the original full of all kinds of products are Continue to be loaded to go. “Tomorrow morning, we will start to go to Germany exhibitors, there is a great demand.” A worker said that the exhibitors of a wide variety of products, which accounted for the largest “wear” This is the company’s new research and development this year’s high-quality products.

Mannequin Originally, 10 years ago, Mei Bin started from scratch, in the pavilion next to the company, specializing in the production of various types of resin handicrafts, export business. But with the increasingly fierce situation in recent years, foreign trade, the company’s operating pressure doubled, do not want to “sit still” Mei Bin began to move from the brains. More than a year ago, in a foreign exhibition, Mei Bin to see the considerable size of the Mannequin whim: this can only show clothes? Can I play more features?

Thinking to decide the way out. So, fitter Mei Bin around the study to learn, and constantly explore, and finally thought to do the creative lamp holder and put into practice. “You see, this Mannequin rack is not like the floor-like table lamp? If it can make it shiny, and then in the decorative surface into the elements of Chinese style, I believe that foreigners will be able to be welcomed.” After a year R & D design, early this year, this cheongsam for the decorative side of the creative lamp holder successfully put into operation, then quickly by Germany, France, the United States and other foreign markets sought after, as of now, its annual sales of nearly 10 million yuan, accounting for the company 40% of total annual sales.

At present, the company’s creative lamp holder to cheongsam decorative features, as many as hundreds of Mannequin, also received seven related patents, involving shape, structure, creativity and so on.

“Pattern, shape and structure are very important, to be stylish, creative and practical.” Mei Bin said that in Europe and America, this creative lamp holder is usually placed in the living room or bedroom, connected to the LED lights can be a normal lamp Use, usually can hang clothes, both practical functions, but also decorative role.

Mannequin From the name to the best-selling Europe and the United States, “Heiner” ambition is more than that. “In the future, we will continue to improve and enhance the creative lampholder series of products for domestic consumers to provide better quality.” Mei Bin said that in recent years, the domestic standard of living and a substantial increase in aesthetic level, is the creative lamp holder “Good time for domestic sales.

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