On The Composition Of The Clothing Mannequin Material And Production Process

Clothing Mannequin mainly by the glass fiber, PU plastic / 2504 Taiwan glue, hard foam information, soft foam materials made.

Fiberglass fiber: FRP is a composite of epoxy and glass fibers. The synthetic fiber is like polyacrylonitrile, polyester, polyamide, etc. called synthetic fiber. Glass fiber and epoxy resin is usually used for clothing Mannequin, so that can have the same hardness and strength of steel, but also enhance the wear resistance of the clothing Mannequin.

PU plastic: PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane, the Chinese name for the polyurethane referred to as polyurethane. Different chemical distribution also makes it in the density, flexibility, rigidity and other physical properties have been promoted. (2504 Taiwan glue) hard, soft foam information: model internal filling cotton, with a soft steel wire, foldable, can be twists and turns.

Next, the Guangzhou showcase model factory about the production of clothing props models.

Clothing Mannequin manufacturing dividends two, one is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, PU plastic / 2504 Taiwan glue, glass wool, glass cloth made of handmade; the other is the injection molding machine, made of special plastic mold by the machine injection Come into being.

Clothing Mannequin production process:

Sample — — the mold — open mold — blank – repair billet — spray primer – product inspection — spray paint — packaging — storage.

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