Model Props Factory To Tell You The Four Models Of Sport Mannequin

In the seventies and eighties of last century, since the introduction of Sport Mannequin in mainland China, just as spring breeze in general, just a few years spread throughout China, major north and south; Sport Mannequin props as the most effective display of clothing one of the way, has an irreplaceable role The

Sport Mannequin props factory mainly has the following four styles:

First, the abstract simulation model: only with the body of the measurements, and even just like the general hanger structure similar to this model is more interesting, suitable for performance and highlight the popular clothing.

Second, the fabric of Taiwan: clothing processing enterprises commonly used types. Itself is wood, covered with a thick layer of cloth, the color is white or black, the top and bottom with wood or stainless steel. Commonly used to try the kind of clothing. Store show is not used.

Third, the Sport Mannequin: resembles a real person, suitable for window display, store the main display and the need to create an atmosphere of the show, display.

Fourth, the Sport Mannequin: the image of similar art sculpture, black, color, gray and other colors, more abstract, solemn, unlike the Sport Mannequin props as a sense of life.

As a clothing, the display is generally divided into stacked and mounted. Stacking: generally through the orderly clothing folding, emphasizing the overall coordination, contours prominent, the goods on the platform or elevated platform to show it. This way, the advantage is to effectively save a limited space, a store, the space is limited, if all in the form of hanging display goods, the store space is not enough. In this case, the stack is used to increase the number of limited space exhibits. This is the advantage of stacking, but the disadvantage is that the product can not be fully displayed, so it is equipped with the display, can increase the visual fun and expand the space.

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