Mannequin Strict Inspection Procedures

Mannequin of the production process cumbersome, each step requires artificial Seiko secret agents. In order to ensure the quality of the Mannequin, AW model factory to take real name system measures. The production of sub-shell, grinding, repair, spray primer, spray paint, make-up, test 7 most of the implementation of the pipeline operation, each part of the operator to complete their own work, signed the name. In the library before the test, if found to be unqualified place directly to find the production person in charge. Although the requirements are harsh, but in order to ensure the quality and quality of AW model, in order to ensure that the interests of customers, we must strictly ask ourselves. Facts have also proved that after the implementation of this measure, the quality of the model greatly improved, almost no customer received any complaints about quality.

Mannequin are generally divided into the following categories

  1. Simulation Mannequin – resembles a real person, suitable for window display, store the main display and the need to create an atmosphere of the show, display.
  2. Sculpture Mannequin – image similar to the art of sculpture, black, color, gray and other colors, more abstract, solemn, unlike the simulation model as a sense of life.
  3. Abstract simulation Mannequin – only the body of the measurements, and even just like the general structure of the hanger, this model is more interesting, suitable for performance and highlight the popular clothing.
  4. gray cloth Taiwan – clothing processing enterprises commonly used types. Itself is wood, covered with a thick layer of cloth, the color is white or black, the top and bottom with wood or stainless steel. Commonly used to try the kind of clothing. Store show is not used. fill in
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