Mannequin – Show The Direction Of The Main Hit

Mannequin can also be called a dummy model, is used to show clothing props, clothing brand chain stores, clothing stores are inseparable from the good partners, it can perfectly show the upper body effect of clothing, improve clothing sales rate and into the store rate. With the progress of society, the development of science and technology, the industry are in order to enhance the sales rate of the brand and distress, the garment industry is no exception, our factory production Mannequin can be a good solution to the concerns of clothing brands.

So far, the domestic city of well-known clothing brands and foreign apparel brands to maintain cooperation with the L7, L7 Mannequin manufacturers in the process of manufacturing models to choose raw materials and production processes have experienced workers to operate, so that produced Model life long, while the model looks vivid, able to show the characteristics of the perfect clothing, the use of paint for the import of environmental protection, no smell, no harm to people.

Mannequin in the clothing product display has been an important role, especially for those relatively large flagship store, the Mannequin is to bring consumers the most intuitive sense of the tool. In general, each series of clothing brands have a clear regional division, in these areas, in a prominent position are placed to highlight the theme of the model modeling, these well-designed and has a sense of the overall shape with not only to help customers Series of products quickly cognitive and positioning, but also help them in the shortest possible time to grasp the trend of elements, with confidence. Compared to ordinary clothes racks, hangers, Mannequin can more highlights the integrity of the clothing and cut the highlights.

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