Mannequin Should Be How To Carry Out Maintenance?

Although most of the clothes in the mall are sold to ordinary body rather than model body, but this does not stop the prop model from growing “year long” phenomenon, a large part of which is because more and more international brands Settled in Europe and the United States favorite brands with tall props models, those models to wear clothes to be particularly tall and straight, very seductive, virtually driven fashion model “transformation.”

In general, the average body weight of East Asian people is about 6.75, Europe and the United States is 7.15 or so, “eight body” has been considered a very golden ratio, the previous mall clothing models props are generally used “eight body “Models, but since last year, models grow taller and taller, head to body ratio is worse,” nine body “model more and more popular.

“Brands like Moschino, because the models are too tall, can not fit out if not large.” Although this “nine body” model body distortion, a bit like the image of the Japanese comic book, but visually speaking, it is very conquered, so clothing shows better results.

In order to ensure that the window Mannequin can be maintained for a long time as new and reduce damage, we usually have to pay more attention to its maintenance, specifically to do what? Here we come together to understand.

1, When assembling or disassembling the model, each model component should be placed on a soft object as much as possible to avoid bruising or scratching the model due to dropping too much force, in particular, the corner of each model component is most likely to touch Collapse and produce a gap.

2, when the mall display models, try to put on the edge, because the model surface paint intolerance, if the fall, then the interface bits of the accessories, the surface paint is the easiest to touch flowers or out and make the model unusable.

3, the model try not to be placed in the direct sun or spotlights too strong place, often, then the surface of the paint will change color.

4, when accidentally dirty clothing Mannequin, can be cleaned by the following methods.

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