Mannequin Production Acceptance

Mannequin of the technical materials are the following:

① fiberglass fiber. FRP is a composite of epoxy and glass fibers. The synthetic fiber is like polyacrylonitrile, polyester, polyamide, etc. called synthetic fiber. Glass fiber in general and epoxy resin for the Mannequin This can have the same hardness and strength of steel also enhanced the wear resistance of the Mannequin.

② PU glue. PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane Chinese called Polyurethane referred to as polyurethane. Different chemical formulations also make it in the density, flexibility, rigidity and other physical properties have improved.

③ hard, soft foam material. Hard foam or soft foam material forming within the soft wire can be folded to bend.

Mannequin production of the acceptance process is as follows:

① the shell when the acceptance; ② polished acceptance; ③ fuel injection acceptance; ④ packaging acceptance of high, medium and low models of the props division; ① from the body up to distinguish, A high-end head makeup head configuration, B mid-range head Make-up head configuration; ② from the surface treatment up to distinguish between finish. Mainly related to the paint surface of the brightness of more than one fill a white ash without this process, then the model out of the existence of bubbles for a long time will be drum out; ③ from the accessories to distinguish between the shoulder section of the iron waistband foot section.

Mannequin production methods: Mannequin manufacturing is divided into two kinds is a glass fiber reinforced plastic PU plastic / 2504 Taiwan glue glass fiber felt made of another kind of injection is made of a specific plastic mold by the machine Note to make.

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