Mannequin Of The Classification And Some Parameters

Fiberglass fiber

FRP is a composite of epoxy and glass fibers. The synthetic fiber is like polyacrylonitrile, polyester, polyamide, etc. called synthetic fiber. Glass fiber and epoxy resin in general for the Mannequin, so you can have the same hardness and strength of steel, but also enhance the wear resistance of the Mannequin.

PU glue

PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane, the Chinese name for the polyurethane referred to as polyurethane. Different chemical formulations also make it in the density, flexibility, rigidity and other physical properties have improved.

2504 Taiwan glue

Cotton cloth

Model internal filling cotton, with a soft wire, can be folded, can be bent

Mannequin classification

According to the class: male Mannequin, female Mannequin, children’s models props, special models props, abstract Mannequin, figurines Mannequin Mannequin, combination Mannequin

By the points: men and women Mannequin men and women body headless Mannequin men and women (up / down) half of the Mannequin men and women head model male and female models male and female buttocks male and female models of children model children props men and women model head props

Material: hardware Mannequin and software models props

Some of the parameters of the Mannequin

Brand Use Model Size Features Color Material Specifications

Quality (durability in a few years, do not burst, do not fall paint, etc.)

Packaging (rectangular carton outside the packaging + with bubble bag + broken sponge cloth)

Base (stainless steel round seat, square seat, wooden base, plexiglass base; sitting mold bench)

After sale (warranty time, maintenance costs)

Mannequin maintenance methods

(1) made of gypsum, talc powder can be wiped with dry cloth.

(2) made of plastic, do not use chemical auxiliaries, please use the usual cleaning porcelain do not hurt the hand scrub.

(3) fiberglass made of fiber, re-spray the corresponding paint.

Mannequin of learning

To the corresponding Mannequin manufacturers to the system, professional knowledge, product interpretation, assembly, sales, display skills

Activities of the joint clothing model

Can move the joints of the upper part of the garment model to improve the existing clothing model of the upper limb structure exists rigid, dull defects. It is mainly in the upper limbs of the shoulder and elbow were equipped with joint agencies and in the arm and arm were equipped with rotating mechanism. Can make the upper limbs arbitrarily before and after the completion of the left and right swing, elbow bending, arm and arm rotation and other modeling action, which makes the body of the model clothing display posture and effect has been significantly improved, not only increase The model and clothing seamless as one of the realism, the overall image of the vivid and aesthetic, but also to enhance the quality of display clothing.

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