Mannequin In The Shop How To Put

Trying to use a variety of different styles of human models throughout the store is an important trend.

Fashion retailers Mannequin both facial and body fuzzy expression of the abstract type, but also eyebrows clear, expression in place, realistic realistic type. The new generation of consumers, influenced by the impact of social networks and online shopping, is growing, and they can understand and absorb it effortlessly.

The white glass fiber is now the most widely used color and material, Uniqlo’s shop uses these translucent models, with the appropriate lighting, sparkling, bringing good visual effects, however, in Nordstorm, the famous fashion Department store recently favored with gray models, especially in the trend of casual wear area, in the glass fiber raw materials on the basis of a high degree of polished to create a gray casting texture effect, and even can see the small cracks, this design intended Stressed the sense of modern and sharp avant-garde.

There are some fashion retail group Mannequin are gradually changing, try to use the style of mixed models props. Such as Gap modeling and visual creative director Cynthia Mollica said that the previous Mannequin are biased towards the conservative and standardized, and now Gap some of the props is exaggerated T stage catches Pose imitation and re-creation, there are some models of action inspired by In reality, people put in the shape of the camera, such as the handle in his pocket, or cross on the chest. Our athletic brand put the running and stretching posture. Some models of props modeling is like a brand model or endorsement movement star action capture. creative and market vice president said that these props can more accurately describe the sun, healthy women, the characteristics of consumers. Some designers and manufacturers in reality models, actors or street shooting fashion that people find design inspiration. Series model modeling to their prototype named clothing retailers also by way of name to order the order.

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