Mannequin How To Maximize The Effect Of Clothing Display

Showcase models props are divided into women’s models props and men’s models props and children’s clothing Mannequin. Clothing stores want to use a simple clothing Mannequin to show the best side of the show to consumers to see, and thus with the clothing Mannequin to display furnishings. Generally in the high-end clothing store display are also high-end clothing Mannequin. How to maximize the effect of clothing display, but also pay attention to some skill methods.

First of all must ensure that all the products out of the sample, the whole category display display, presented in front of consumers of our products must be full of full display, so to eliminate any display booth space (even repeat the sample, repeat the display, And do not give consumers the impression of out of stock) appears.

The following brief introduction window Mannequin placed the main points:

1, people get: consumer shopping in addition to the product to see, but also need to be able to reach out to get, when the product display can give consumers more to get their own, touch the opportunity, the consumer The experience will be more, feel the more real, very helpful to eliminate the consumer’s own many unknown.

2, people see: Since it is necessary to ensure that people can see, then the first element is the product display must be attractive enough to play to make consumers eyes bright feeling.

3, people than to get: the usual sales process, consumers tend to have this or that objection, especially from the product aspects of the objection. In terms of product display, it is important to provide a display environment that allows consumers to compare (product graphic comparison area, etc.).

4, of course, people have to find: consumers come to the store, also attracted by the product, to stay after the consumer to ensure that they can quickly find the product you want.

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