Install The Mannequin To Solve The Problem?

Mannequin for our daily life has been very common, then the installation of models when the props to pay attention to what the problem? ARTWING Mannequin company and we explain it.

1, Mannequin as far as possible not to put in the sun direct or spotlights too strong local, often shining words, the appearance of the paint will change color.

2, the use of the process must be careful to protect, in the assembly or split model, the model parts as far as possible on the soft objects, to prevent too much effort to put the bruises or scratching models, especially the model parts of the The edge of the most simple collapse of the collapse of the gap.

3, shopping malls placed Mannequin, as far as possible placed on the edge (that is not easy to be knocked down or tripped customers), because the model is fragile, if the down, then the interface of the most simple accessories off Which makes the model can not be used.

4, Mannequin appearance for the other paint, the most common use of rubber and detergent. But there are some more stubborn can not be removed, at the moment can be considered with all-round water for cleaning, pay attention to the concentration of omnipotent Oh, if too thick, then must be diluted with water and then finishing, or else will wash the paint!

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