How To Identify The Quality Of The Mannequin

Now the Mannequin of the market on the price of the model varies, the quality of the model Many ordinary procurement is difficult to distinguish, I plant in 19 years under the model production research and development point of view to explain how to distinguish between the quality of the Mannequin Good or bad.

First of all, there are many kinds of models of the material. Commonly known on the market of fiberglass, PC, PE, etc., FRP material model is a high-end model material, because the glass just the production process are produced by hand, through clay sculpture modeling, mold, production, shell , Polished, painted, make-up manufacturing process to do out of the model facial expressions, body skeleton structure, lines are more realistic and polished model looks smooth and delicate.

Second, the use of paint, high-quality paint no smell is not easy to fall off the surface smooth high brightness.

There is the difference between hardware accessories. Mannequin accessories shoulder joints, waist waist pieces, hand pieces, chassis. Material sub-iron pieces, plastic parts, plastic iron pieces, wood pieces. According to the different parts of the price of the whole model is also a great impact.

  1. Mannequin of the production process?

Sample — clay mold — production mold — semi-finished product shell — polished trim — putty — second grinding — spray primer — repair — second Spray primer — spray paint — dry — make-up — inspection — packaging, a library.

  1. Mannequin classification

The classification of the Mannequin can be classified according to the color type material

  1. How to distinguish the grade of clothing Mannequin

① Mannequin shell, must be acceptance, test whether it is the specifications of their own needs;

② mold props polished acceptance, inspection process and process is meticulous integrity;

③ inspection of fuel injection, test models props with the color and style, whether in line with self-demand;

④ Mannequin packaging acceptance, the final link is essential to test whether the overall appearance with, and whether the quality of damage and so on

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