How To Distinguish The Grade Of Clothing Mannequin

With a large number of well-known brands at home and abroad have been settled, Mannequin industry has been booming, all kinds of models props have their own merits, it is difficult to choose, whether it is the traditional sales or personalized marketing requirements of the existing sales model, The replacement of the market with the times, the demand for the model is also changing, but no matter what Mannequin, the most essential problem is that the style and quality, scale and grade, then how to assess, identify the quality of clothing Mannequin Grade? In fact, the method is very simple, three steps to help you get these most essential issues!

First of all, to know the clothing Mannequin production acceptance.

1, Mannequin shell, be sure to check, test whether the specifications of their own needs;

2, the Mannequin polished acceptance, inspection processes and processes are meticulous integrity;

3, when the fuel injection acceptance, test models props with the tone and style, whether in line with self-demand;

4, the Mannequin packaging acceptance, the final link is essential to test whether the overall appearance with, and whether the quality of damage and so on.

If you customize the Mannequin from the glass fiber cloth, unsaturated resin processing, with high strength, non-friable, no deformation and other characteristics, you should detect whether the movement of the Mannequin, paragraph share is accurate.

Second, from the shape, the appearance of processing up to test, different models of props grade level.

Shape: advanced and mid-range model road with head to install the head equipment;

Appearance: from the appearance of dealing with the difference, depending on the mold props of the finish.

Depends on the appearance of the paint luminous, in the production process, more than a fill ash process, if there is no such a process, the Mannequin produced bubbles exist, a long time, will drum out, affecting the appearance.

Third, from the accessories to distinguish between the grade of the props models.

Such as the shoulder section of the iron, lumbar foot section and other details can reflect the Mannequin of the grade and grade. Beautiful and beautiful, beautiful makeup vivid, delicate appearance of the paint, lubrication, contact parts of the activities meet, paint luster no smell, these are a high quality Mannequin should have the elements.

Mannequin of the production process with a lot of details of the process, which requires brands to seriously choose high-quality factories to ensure that the quality of products and grades, I have the Secretary for many well-known brands at home and abroad, you can customize personalized business props, Mannequin, To ensure quality and technology at the same time, leading the fashion trend.

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