Good Mannequin Is The Soul Of The Clothing Store

Mannequin is the clothing shop window display clothing with an important props, then a sales of clothing store used in the Mannequin how to install, how to display, to show the role of it?

Here to introduce the installation of the props Mannequin installation process:

  1. We open the parry Mannequin box, the clothing Mannequin out of the chassis, placed on the location.
  2. We will be installed models of the props out of the legs, the legs at the slot at the clothing Mannequin chassis support bar, put down.
  3. We will be wearing a Mannequin out of the upper body, the clothing Mannequin card slot at the lower half of the waist pieces.
  4. After aligning the card slot, turn the Mannequin to the upper body and lower body.
  5. Remove the Mannequin arm, the arm buckle, align the shoulder card slot.
  6. After installing the arm, install your hand.
  7. The other arm is the same as above. A formal Mannequin installed on this finished.

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