Display Cabinets Mannequin Winter Maintenance

Winter is the display of shopping malls, display props maintenance of the key moment, due to the high temperature inside the mall, indoor drying, display props and display space part of the wood is easy to crack, paint display cabinet easy to skin,

In the winter, solid wood display props need a humid environment, it is best not to be placed near the warm film or warm wind near, to avoid the sun on the solid wood display props overall or local long exposure. If the long time with a higher temperature baking, easy to make local wood crack, warping, deformation or even local qualitative change, so show the props placed the best place to avoid the sun exposure, or semi-transparent tulle curtains separated from sunlight Direct, so that neither affect the indoor lighting, but also to protect the shop indoor display props. At the same time, display props should not be placed in a very wet place, because the wood is wet and easy to swell, a long time will be deformed, rotten and so on. To avoid direct sunlight in the show props winter weather is dry, in full enjoyment of warmth at the same time, should be appropriate to increase the indoor air humidity, to prevent solid wood display props cracking.

Often use the care of essential oils to wipe the display props, because the winter air humidity is relatively small, relatively dry indoor, maintenance display props focus is to get rid of dry. Wooden display props of moisture, wet cloth wiping only moist water is far from enough, but also through professional furniture care essential oils to maintain moisture. Furniture care Essential oil contains natural orange oil easily absorbed by wood fiber, which can effectively lock the moisture in the wood, prevent the wood from dry deformation, and nourish the wood, from inside to outside the wood to reproduce the glory, to extend the life of props show.

In addition, the display of props show the scratches and dents of the simple way is to use cotton balls or brushes, in the display props surface coated with similar color of the shoe can be. And remove the water stains, then use a clean absorbent paper on the water stains, and then iron iron, you can remove.

You can also regularly show the props waxing, usually once a quarter to play wax can be, so show props look shiny and the surface will not vacuum, clean up is also easier.

Shopping malls indoor moisturizing winter dry air, indoor humidity is low, dust and other harmful substances of small particles arbitrary flying, coupled with heating to bring sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and other harmful gas composition of a large number of increased air pollution, so give Bacteria, bacteria breeding and dissemination of the “hotbed”, but also to show the props to bring some damage, so show props winter maintenance awareness can not be missing. The way to deal with the humidifier is to humidify the room, but also to show wood props moisturizing, shopping malls, the greater the amount of humidification required.

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