Clothing Shop Window Mannequin Shelf Props Display Placement Skills

The design of the shelves of the shop shop is a lot of problems faced by the manager and the display division. Before the interpretation of the Mannequin  stand, the brand of ladies’ large number of shelves of the shelves, as well as a few Not much to say, here to talk about 2 – 5 Mannequin s shelf in the window of the positioning skills.

Brand ladies to the window of the ground space three points, that is, from the glass to the background of the distance of the three points, before the glass for the “front”, by the background for the “post”, the middle of the “median” The following are the previous bit, the median and post-bit to illustrate the two -5 Mannequin s shelf position.

Two Mannequin s shelf method:

2 Mannequin s of the shelves of the station is relatively simple, and listed in the “median” can, but also slightly misplaced before and after the show, to increase the window space of the three-dimensional sense of activity and placed in such a way common in a variety of Of the two Mannequin s shelves placed in a small window.

Three Mannequin s shelf method:

3 Mannequin  shelves can also be divided into two groups, shown as 1 +2 form, the Mannequin  shelf position is the median, front and rear, the chassis was triangular arrangement, this case, next to the props can be equipped Balance the severity of both sides.

Of course there are three station Mannequin s, one after two after the form. These forms are often used in the leisure brand of three station Mannequin s, although slightly dull, but easy to implement and copy.

Four Mannequin s shelf method:

To the four Mannequin s of shelves as a group, respectively, the median, posterior, anteroposterior and median, the formation of “N” shape or mirror N-shaped, adjacent to the three Mannequin s shelf chassis is still arranged in a triangle.

4 Mannequin  racks can also be divided into two groups, in the form of 1 + 3, a separate Mannequin  shelf next to a props and their combinations.

4 Mannequin s of the shelf can also be two stations in the former, two station in the back of the two sides, was isometric trapezoidal arrangement, this approach is also common in the display of casual wear.

Five Mannequin s shelf method:

5 Mannequin  racks can also be a group, namely the median, the former position, the posterior position, the former position and the median, the adjacent three Mannequin  shelf chassis is still arranged in a triangle.

5 Mannequin  shelves can also be divided into two groups, in the form of 3 +2, respectively, the median, the former, the posterior, the former and the median, adjacent to the three Mannequin  shelf chassis is still arranged in a triangle.

Whether the number of Mannequin  racks is 3, 4 or 5, where the adjacent three Mannequin s of the base of the shelves were arranged in a triangular, front, middle and rear levels, we temporarily call this way “triangular” station The

The vast majority of shop window Mannequin  racks are suitable for “triangular” stations, if the Mannequin  shelf props without grouping, the staggered “before and after” to arrange, and when the Mannequin  shelf needs to distribute two groups, such as 2 + 1 or 3 + 1, there will be severity imbalance. Then a separate Mannequin  next to the shelf need to have a props to balance the severity of both ends of the window, and in the absence of props, then try not to group.

There is also a Mannequin  shelf floor, floor design problems, the status of circular bottom plate to maintain good, and the side of the floor is sometimes skewed, because we are commonly used Mannequin s of the shelf is not very stealth (some brands have no Mannequin  shelf floor ), And a number of Mannequin s shelves different degrees of skew to make it less beautiful, we can put all the chassis in parallel, such as all is placed or all the ramp is also possible, it does not affect the Mannequin  shelf orientation, because the Mannequin  The shelf is rotatable.

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