Clothing Mannequin Development Trend

Clothing Mannequin development trend In the market expansion of the opportunity, the clothing Mannequin brand change potential is bound to accelerate. In 2011, China’s garment enterprises export to domestic sales, wholesale to retail, low-end turn high-end, open up online business, cultivate online clothing Mannequin brand behavior is extremely active. The number of market brand expansion, but also exacerbated the industry competition.

Has firmly established China’s second-tier market, the use of its overseas brands, brand reputation and other advantages to accelerate the channel sinking, clothing models props with domestic brands in the low-level market challenges are bound to increase.

Transformation and upgrading of enterprises gradually conscious action in the context of internal and external difficulties, in 2011, clothing Mannequin business transformation has been passive to active, and the direction of the transition is clear, still around the “technological progress”

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To improve labor productivity for the purpose of technological transformation in the industry become common practice; to improve the ability to quickly respond to the goal of information technology is widely recognized; clothing Mannequin to improve the quality level and service capacity for the purpose of the joint research and development in large enterprises universal. Industrial restructuring is also actively promoting.

Although the pace of 2011, the pace of transfer due to economic downturn and blocked, but the formation of East-West linkage of the three-dimensional industry regional pattern, is still the industry’s most extensive demands. Clothing Mannequin domestic market to break the urban and rural dual pattern, for the industrial structure of the three-dimensional foreshadowing, the domestic market has become a vigorous development of the Mannequin and models of electric rotating base provides a broad space.

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