Clothing Mannequin By Function To Divide

① first install the Mannequin base: with hexagonal key to install the support on the chassis (first tighten the screw and then screw the cap, the screws must be tightened, otherwise the model will be easy to tilt).

② re-install the lower body: the thigh at the bottom of the lower leg of the shaft hole, rotate 45 degrees to the anastomosis, and then the model of the lower body into the base.

③ the final installation of the upper body: the upper part of the shaft hole aligned lower body convex axis insert, rotate 45 degrees to the anastomosis, then the palm of your hand at the bottom of the arm axis, rotating 45 degrees to the anastomosis, and then arm into the shoulder.

  1. How to wear a Mannequin?

① wear pants: If the Mannequin two legs open distance is relatively large, first to remove one of the legs, respectively, put two legs into the pants, then the legs installed. If the models of the two legs of the props is not far, do not have to break the legs, you can wear pants directly.

② put on the coat: If you do not open the chest with a button coat, the first clothes from the head into the set, then remove the two arms, respectively, into the sleeves can be, if it is open chest buttoned coat, You can put the side of the sleeve to wear, then the other side of the arm removed, and then into another sleeve can be (fingers open, before wearing the palm of your hand).

③ put on, buckle buttons or pull the zipper, and then finishing the clothes.

Clothing Mannequin by functional to divide, then there should be only two: one is playing board model, the other is to show models.

Plate Mannequin can be divided into board room models and legislature units, in fact, are used by the board division to make proofs with the Mannequin. In this piece, the board model requirements that must be strict, playing board models do not pay attention, then make the clothes unsatisfactory, so in the choice of board models must choose a strong and influential company cooperation.

Show Mannequin this section out of that more: sports models, abstract models, paint models, bright white models, pregnant women models, children models, underwear models, electroplating models … … series models props. But no matter what kind of, they are used to show the clothing, rather than for the preparation of the sample, so show models and board models are essentially different.

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