Clothing Cloud Custom In The Future Is Not Just A Dream

In a very long period of time, the traditional garment customization firmly hold the voice of the fashion industry. Clothing customization is always a few people can enjoy the service, due to repeated revision, took a long, hard to meet increasingly diverse consumers personalized needs.


Cao introduced, cloud dream of science and technology is expected to pass the custom clothing cloud “implementation clothing customization of consumers. “Custom clothing cloud is actually based on 3 d human body measurement, the digital human body, through the clouds to custom design, to determine the order and then to plate production process.”


Rapid scanning Dong Bo argues that 3 d modeling technology on the business model of imagination is not only trying on clothes, but also for accessories, beauty salon, health management, terminal retail, games, film and television, 3 d printing and other industries to provide 3 d digital solutions.


He also disclosed that at present, the cloud dream has been with the Chinese academy of sciences, zhejiang university of science and technology, tsinghua university and other top scientific research institutions and foreign well-known enterprises established close relations of cooperation, is committed to technology innovation to achieve more ground application industry, really solve the problem for every profession and trade.


It is understood that the cloud dream technology research project in 2015 to undertake the shenzhen kechuang committee “based on 3 d technology rapid garment C2M type clothing industry chain application technology research”, received millions of level of funding support, also in the same year completed A 30 million yuan in the Pre – A round of funding.

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