Apparel Mannequin Props Development Trend Description

From the European, American, Japanese and other traditional export market demand, as a consumer necessity, clothing Mannequin props in developed countries, the demand elasticity is relatively small, the total demand and demand structure is basically stable. Large-scale transfer of orders in developed countries is based on cost and quality considerations, but also in view of the development of China’s competition, thereby reducing the dependence on China. These competitors have accelerated the development of low-end processing in the field has shown a stronger cost price advantage, part of the use of geographical advantage to fully enhance the rapid response capability, mainly rely on our absolute cost advantage and complete industrial chain supply advantages of export clothing Mannequin props and models of electric rotating base mode presents a serious challenge.

From the Mannequin props emerging market point of view, China’s emerging market export Mannequin props and models of electric prototypes in the ascendant, there is a lot of market space, but the developing economies, macroeconomic fluctuations, local political turmoil, which makes our clothing clothing Mannequin props The stability of its exports in the emerging market has not yet established Although the transfer of orders is the inevitable result of international division of labor, but from another point of view, the international order from the financial crisis after the beginning of morphological changes, short single, small single, fast single Has become normal.

At present, China’s Mannequin props processing industry as a whole has not been able to fully adapt to this change in demand. In addition, China’s absolute cost advantage gradually lost, has not yet used to improve labor productivity to enhance the international division of labor in the comparative advantage, nor by providing research and development, services and other added value to get additional clothing Mannequin props and models electric lift base value of the upgrade Therefore, Lost part of the relatively high quality orders.

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