3 D Printing Mannequins, Realistic Enough To Bleeding

Even if you are not in close contact with 3 d printing, but you must have heard of this kind of technology, not only can print the car and house, now the 3 d printing can print reality, realistic is far jilt wax several street.

Printed material is silicone and fiber, even skin tactility is identical to real person, the rest of the various is made of X-ray scanning data and, including hair and beard.

Crucially, this print and variety of the human body has organs, as also a lot of heart and spleen kidney.

Not only that, even in the model can be injected into the blood vessels, in addition to not move, this print and humans have no significant difference.

3 d printing, of course, in order to make surgery doctors can be better, to reduce the tension in the student stage to increase the number of practice, you know, a knife down if cut off the wrong position, can will spark plasma.

A printing cost is not low, but can quickly control the cost in mass production, there are many customers begin to order the print.

Although looks people, but he really is just a mass of silica gel

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